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Delta Car Wreckers provides reliable car wreckers in Papakura and other locations beyond that.

Is it time to say goodbye to your old clunker? If you’ve been driving around in your grandfather’s car and it has already given up, it is time to move on.
Don’t just leave your car in the garage. Why not get some money out of the car?

Give us a call and sell your car to us, Delta Car Wreckers Papakura.
We buy broken or scrap cars, vans, and trucks.

No matter what is the size or condition of your vehicle, We offer the most reliable, quick and best-rate wreckers services in Papakura.

Check out why we are the most preferred car wrecker company in Papakura.

We pay cash upfront. As soon as the professional team completes the necessary inspection and paperwork, you’ll receive the money then and there. No more bank or electronic transactions needed.

We offer the best deals for your used, broken, or scrap car. We know how valuable a car can be, that’s why we offer top cash for your old vehicles.

We buy cars in all conditions. Old, broken, dilapidated, waterlogged, name it, we buy it. If Some customers worry their cars may not be accepted because it doesn’t work anymore. We are aware that most of the cars we check may no longer be functioning at optimal level, nor even function at all. Before you start worrying, give us a call and request for a quote.

We buy cars of different brands and make. We accept a wide variety of car manufacturers. We also buy vans, trucks, and all kinds of commercial vehicles.
If you want to be sure, call us for free at 0800 820 828 or fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

One-day transactions. We know how important your time is, so we like to do things fast and efficiently. Once you give us a call and are satisfied with the quote you received, we’ll set a date and time for us to collect your car. We’ll be there on the appointed time and place, and once all the needed paperwork is complete, we’ll give you the cash and leave with your car.

Excellent customer service. We value you as a customer. Expect our Delta car wrecker team to deal with you courteously and professionally.

No cash out car removal. After our transaction, we will remove your car for free. You don’t have to worry about paying anything.
We have a wide network of operations and car wrecker services in all suburbs of Auckland.

No matter what is the size or condition of your vehicle, we offer the most reliable, quick and best-rate wreckers services in Papkura. We have a wide network of operations and car wrecker services in all suburbs of Auckland.

Are you ready to give us a call? Great! To make sure that your car is well and ready to be removed, please do the following things so you’ll have the peace of mind that you didn’t leave anything important in the car.

1. Cancel the registration. New Zealand’s law requires that you cance the registration of the vehicle if you plan to sell it to a car wrecker. This ensures that the registration can’t be used. It will also be deleted from the agency’s registry. You can call NZTA or send a message through their website. Once you’ve done that, remove the license plate yourself. Just in case you forget, our team double checks and removes the car license plate for you. 

2. Check for any misplaced belongings. You have to note that once we take the car, you wil have a hard time retrieving any item you left inside because we will strip the car for different parts and then crush it. Make sure that you thoroughly check every inch of the car for receipts, documents, jewelries, or any valuables you may have tucked away somewhere. 

3. Cancel your policy (if it is still active). If the car still  happens to have an active policy, you need to get it cancelled because you won’t be using it anymore.

Free Vehicle Pickup

We provide free vehicle pickup for all sort of used, broken, or scrap cars, vans, utes, 4×4’s and trucks.

We have a fleet of tow trucks with experienced drivers who can pick up a vehicle from any given location in Auckland, from Monday to Saturday.
Following is a list of areas that we cover for vehicle wreckers services:

  • Alfriston
  • Ardmore
  • Conifer Grove
  • Longford Park
  • Manurewa East
  • Opaheke
  • Pahurehure
  • Papakura
  • Red Hill
  • Rosehill
  • Takanini

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