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We offer top cash instantly for your used, broken, or scrap cars.

Depending on a number of factors, you can get instant cash up to $15,000 for your used, broken or scrap car, van, ute, 4WD or truck.

Have you been keeping a scrap vehicle in your garage? There’s no shame in that. A lot of people do that, hoping to find the time to repair or at least tinker their old car. But that time never happened, and the vehicle continued to accumulate dust and rust in the garage.

If you’re finally decided to get rid of the car, you have two options. You can call a towing company or you can find a car wrecker in Auckland to help you dispose of the scrap car.

Hiring a towing company means you have to pay them hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, calling a car wrecker company means earning hundreds of dollars and getting your scrap vehicle towed for free. Why pay when you can earn?

But with so many car wrecker companies in Auckland to choose from, how do you know which one to choose?


Here are some tips to remember when choosing a car removal service.

1. Choose a company that accepts all kinds of vehicles. If you happen to own a busted 2005 Toyota, you probably feel assured that your old car can be sold at a good price. But what if you happen to have a badly damaged car built in the 80s? We at Deltacarwreckers accept all kinds of cars, vans, UTE’s, 4WDs and trucks. It does’t matter if the car is not running, or its already rusty, deregistered, or not road-legal.

2. Choose a company that can arrange a free pick up anywhere in Auckland. Find a company that tows for free! We arrange free pick up of your car anywhere in Auckland.

3. Choose a company that offers a professional towing service. The company’s reputation is important. You want someone who will take care of the service in a professional and reliable manner. We at Delta Car Wreckers employ professional car wrecker specialists who can handle your concerns professionally.

4. Choose a company that offers the best cash deals. Some companies low ball customers. Find a company that gives you a great deal.

5. Choose a reputable company. Not all car wrecker companies have a good reputation. Do some legwork and go for a company with an established reputation. That way, you’ll likely have better service. You’ll more likely receive better payouts.

6. Partner with a reliable company. With so many scam companies popping up, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hire a car wrecker service you know you can trust and you know will provide a safe and efficient car removal.


Why choose Delta Car Wreckers?

1. We offer the best cash deals in the Auckland car wrecker market. We pay up to $1500 for your scrap vehicle, depending on the quality of the car.

2. We buy all makes and car models, including trucks, vans, Ute, trucks, and all kinds of commercial vehicles.

3. We accept cars in all conditions. Whether your car has stopped running years ago, has a damaged engine, is covered with rust, or was damaged by flooded water, we will buy the car.

4. We service the entire Auckland. No matter where your broken car is located in Auckland, we can arrange a free pick up for you.

5. We deliver professional service. Expect our team to assist you in the car removal process, and to do it in a professional manner.

6. Enjoy an easy and one-day process. Time is precious so we like to get things done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When you call us for a quote and have decided to push through with the transaction, our team will be at the car location at the appointed time and complete the car removal service.

7. No cash outs. You don’t pay for anything.


Sell your car in West Auckland for the best price.

Now is the best time to remove that old, rusty car that’s occupying space in your garage or backyard. Maximise the use of your garage space while also making money. Some car removal services require you to pay for car removal. With Delta Car Wreckers, get your car picked up and earn cash in the process.

Our goal is to offer you a fast, easy, and hassle-free delivery. In most cases, we can schedule your car pick up one the same day you called us, or at the very least, the following business day. Your car will be taken to a salvage yard truck where the good parts are salvaged and the non-functioning parts are safely disposed of.

Enjoy a top-notch car removal deal in South Auckland.

We guarantee that you will get top cash deals for your used, broken, or scrap car in Auckland. If you want to know how much the cash worth of your unwanted car is, call us on 0800820828 or fill up this form so that we can get back to you at earliest.


5 Star Rating For Their Awesome Team

I had a car which had been lying around for 4 months after an accident. It wasn’t in working condition, so it was just sitting there on the side. After delaying the matter for a long time, I decided to get rid of it. I called Delta Car Wreckers just to see what could be done with it. Within a few hours, the whole process was sorted out by their team. I can’t even believe it that it is gone, and I have cash in my hand. 5 stars for the awesome job done by their friendly team.

Ron Scott, Auckland.