6 Surprising Components of Your Car a Wreckers in Auckland Will Send for Recycling

The main job of a car wreckers is to carefully and methodically strip your car after you have sold it.

The parts and materials that are stripped fall into three categories:

  • Parts that are resold as used parts
  • Parts and materials that are sent for recycling
  • Parts and materials that are disposed of

Components that are resold as used parts are those that have a value on the resale market and can include engine parts, body panels, the car’s interior, and more.

What about those that are recycled, though? There are lots of car parts, materials, and components that can be recycled, including some that may surprise you.

Engine Oil

Car engine oil doesn’t wear out. Instead, it gets dirty, degrading its performance. This is why you need to replace it regularly.

When engine oil is removed from a car at a wreckers, however, it is sent to a recycling centre so it can be cleaned and reused in another form.


The glass on your car can be recycled for a range of different uses. This includes turning it into insulation, glass bottles, and more. Even the glue used to fix your windscreen in place can be recycled.

Wheels and Other Scrap Metal Parts

There will be metal parts of your car that have little or no resale value in their current form. These are typically sold to a scrap metal centre where they are melted down and reused in a range of different ways.


Car batteries don’t have a value on the used parts market, and they can’t be disposed of at landfill because of the toxic chemicals they contain. Therefore, they are sent for recycling. The plastic of a car battery’s case, for example, is processed into pellets which are then used to manufacture new car batteries. The lead in car batteries is also reused.

Tyres and Other Rubber Components

Tyres that are passed their usable life get recycled as they can’t be disposed of safely. Burning them, for example, pollutes the air and creates a horrible oily runoff that is flammable.

The same applies to other rubber components in your car – everything from rubber hoses in the engine to car mats. These are usually all sent for recycling too.

Recycled tyres and rubber have a number of different uses. This includes everything from shoe products to materials for road construction to the surface of basketball courts.


There are a lot of plastic parts on most cars including dashboards, bumpers, interior trims, and more. Some may have value as used parts, but most are recycled to be shredded and used for manufacturing other things.

Environmentally Friendly Car Wreckers

Remember, not all car wreckers will properly recycle all the above car components. Therefore, it’s important you choose a reputable car wreckers that uses an environmentally friendly process for dismantling your car and dealing with the various parts, components, and materials.

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