What Will a Car Wreckers in Auckland Do with Your Car?

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you sell your unwanted vehicle to a car wreckers in Auckland? While there can be variations depending on the car wreckers or the make/model of your vehicle, the below is the standard process for wrecking a car.

Prep Work

Once your car arrives at the car wreckers, the first step is usually to prepare it. This makes it safe for the rest of the wrecking process. The preparation work includes depressurising high-pressure systems as well as removing all liquids from the car, i.e. – fuel, oil, coolants, and any other fluids.

Responsible Disposal of Liquids

The liquids and fluids removed from your car are then disposed of according to regulations and in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Remember, the latter doesn’t apply to all car wreckers in Auckland as some cut corners to save money – corners that then put the environment at risk. This is one of the reasons you should always choose a reputable car wreckers with a strong track record.


The car wreckers’ staff will then inspect your car to identify the parts that have a resale value. This means parts that are undamaged, are in a good working condition, and that have market demand.

Parts Removed and Stored

The team will then get to work removing the parts identified at the inspection stage. The parts removed from your car will be stored in the car wreckers’ warehouse.

Labelling and Recording

It’s also important each part removed from your car is properly labelled and recorded. This includes recording the make, model, and year of the vehicle as well as a brief description of the quality of the part. This step is essential to ensure the part can be found and sold at a later date.

Scrap Metal is Sold

The remaining metal of the car is then sold as scrap metal. Typically, cars are crushed and are then stacked before being sent in bulk to scrap metal dealers.

In fact, this is one of the things that determine the value of your car, i.e. the more the car wreckers will get for the scrap metal in your vehicle, the more they will be willing to pay.

Anything Remaining is Disposed of Responsibly

Even after the process above, there will still be some items that remain. These must be disposed but, as in the point above, it’s important they are disposed of responsibly.

Understanding How a Car Wreckers Works

For many people, the work of a car wreckers is a mystery. Understanding the process can help you select a car wreckers, however. For example, you can see from the above how important it is to take a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to car wrecking.

Understanding the process also helps you better understand the valuation that wreckers in Auckland put on your car.

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