9 Things to Remove from Your Car Before Selling it to a Wreckers

Cars become part of our lives, and they have a lot of stuff inside them that are not part of the original car. This ranges from add-ons you have installed to personal belongings. All these things should be removed from your car before you sell it to a car wreckers in Auckland.

Remember, however, you should not remove any mechanical or standard car component as you could reduce the amount of money you will get for the car. What we are focusing on here is items and belongings that were not part of, or in, the car when it was sold as a new car.

These are things that are typically not of value to a car wreckers. Plus, you can use them again in any other car you have, or you can sell them.

Top 9 Items to Remove from Your Car Before Selling it to a Wreckers

  • Non-standard stereo – if the car you are selling to a wreckers has a factory-fitted stereo, it’s best to leave it as is. However, if it has an upgraded or replacement system, you should consider removing it.
  • Woofer – you should also remove the woofer if your car has one plus any other part of the sound system that didn’t come with the original car.
  • Mag wheels – if your car has new mag wheels, you should take them off and replace them with the car’s original wheels, providing you still have them.
  • CD from the CD player – it is very common for people to leave CDs in their cars when they sell them, either in the CD player or in a CD carrier. Make sure you check.
  • Additional tools – do you have additional tools in the boot where the jack and spare tyre are located? If so, check and remove them.
  • Emergency items you carry – you should also remove first aid kits and any other emergency items you have in your car. Clothing, tow ropes, and high-vis vests are examples.
  • Satellite navigation system – this is similar to a stereo system, i.e. if the satellite navigation system was retrofitted to the car, you should remove it before selling it.
  • Phone charger – a large proportion of people forget to take out their phone charger when selling their car. Make sure you remember yours.
  • Loose change – do you leave loose change in the car to pay for parking or toll roads? Take this money out before you sell it.
  • Any other personal belongings – check for all other personal belongings as well.

Places to Check Before Selling Your Car to a Wreckers

The last point above mentions removing all other personal belongings. Here are some places you should check before the wreckers collects your car:

  • Glovebox
  • Pockets behind the front seats
  • Centre console armrest in the front and in the back if you have one
  • Boot
  • Under the boot floor where the spare tyre is stored
  • Under the front seats

Remember, it’s unlikely you will be able to go back to the car once it has been collected, so make sure you check everywhere before it goes.

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