When is Selling Your Car to a Wreckers the Best Option?

One of the hardest decisions that people make when considering what to do with their damaged or broken-down car is whether to sell it to a car wreckers in Auckland or keep it. There are some situations when selling to a car wreckers is the best option.

If your car is beyond repair, the decision is easy. Here are the other circumstances when choosing to sell to a car wreckers is the best approach.

When the Cost of Repair Is Higher than the Value of the Car

The most clear-cut situation where selling your car to a wreckers in Auckland is the best option is when the cost of repairing the car is more than its value. In situations like this, it makes no financial sense to get the car back on the road as you can buy another car that works fine for less money.

Before you make this decision, though, try to get quotes from more than one mechanic. After all, mechanics charge different prices and you might be able to find someone to take the job on for the right price. Just make sure you read the next section of this blog before making a final decision, however.

If all the quotes you get to repair the car are higher than the car’s value, start phoning car wreckers in Auckland to get quotes.


When You Don’t Know Exactly What Needs to Be Fixed on the Car

Cars are complicated machines, so it’s often difficult to know everything that is wrong until you start stripping the various parts down. This particularly applies when the car has accident damage, but it can also apply when it is broken down as well.

As a result, it is easy to find yourself in a situation of paying lots of money for a repair to get the car running again only to find there is something else wrong that will cost even more. Before long, you can end up in the same situation as the point above, i.e. the cost of all the repairs together adds up to more than the value of the car.

The problem is, you may not realise you are heading into this position until you have already paid for repairs worth hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, you should be aware of this possibility before you start. This means considering the following:

  • The value of the car
  • The initial estimated cost of repair
  • The confidence you have that this repair is all that is needed


If you are concerned that you might end up paying lots for repairs despite the initial estimate, particularly if the car is not worth much, you should sell your car to a wreckers.

When You Need Cash Quickly

The final situation where selling a broken or damaged car to a wreckers is the best option is when you need cash quickly. This is because selling a car to a wreckers can take as little as a day and you get paid cash in hand.

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