Maximising the Money in Your Pocket When Selling Your Car to a Wreckers

When selling a car, you will want to get as much money as possible. This applies to selling to a car wreckers in Auckland as much as selling to anyone else. How do you maximise your money when selling your car to a wreckers?

Below are four tips that will ensure you end up with as much money as possible.

Get Multiple Quotes

The first thing you should do is get more than one quote. This is standard practice when getting a quote, and it’s important when selling your car to a wreckers too.

Make Sure You’re the Registered Owner of the Car

You are likely to get a better price from the car wreckers if you are the registered owner. If you are not, you should take some time to get officially registered. It will be worth it in the long run.

Choose a Car Wreckers in Auckland that Will Collect Your Car for Free

Getting your car to a car wreckers can be expensive, particularly if it doesn’t run or is not safe and/or legal to be on the road. Therefore, the best option is to get the wreckers collect it.


Make sure they don’t charge you for this service, however. Reputable car wreckers like us at Delta Car Wreckers don’t charge for car removals, leaving more money in your pocket.

Remove Anything You’ve Added to the Car that You May Be Able to Sell

Have you added a stereo to the car, new wheels, or made some other addition? If so, it could be worth reverting the car back to the way it was before you made the addition. You will then have the option of keeping the additional item for when you get another car, or you can sell it to make even more cash.

You will get more money this way than leaving the additional item with the car being sold to the car wreckers.

Remove Your Personal Belongings So You Don’t Have to Spend Money Replacing Them

Make sure you check your car for personal belongings before it gets picked up as you are unlikely to be able to go back to get them once the car is gone. This will save you from having to spend money replacing the item you forgot.

Things that are commonly left in cars sold to wreckers in Auckland include sunglasses, CDs, first aid kits, and items of clothing.


Claim Back Tax and Insurance You Have Paid

Once you have all the relevant paperwork from selling your car to a wreckers, including a certificate of destruction, you should be able to claim back the unneeded insurance and tax that you have already paid for on the car. Again, it’s better that this money is in your pocket than with the insurance company or the tax office.

In general, don’t just think of the price you are being paid as the only part of maximising your money when selling a car to a wreckers. The above tips will ensure you end up with as much as possible.

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