Selling Your Car to a Wreckers – Getting Paid FAQs

You probably want rid of that eyesore on your property, but the primary purpose of selling an unwanted car to a wreckers in Auckland is to get money for it. What is involved in getting paid? We have all the answers.

When Will I Get a Price for My Unwanted Car?

You can get a quote for your unwanted, scrap, or broken done car, van, or truck at any time. All you need to do on our website at Delta Car Wreckers, for example, is to complete the form on the home page.

You will need to provide some information:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • The pickup location, i.e. where the vehicle is located
  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • Details about the vehicle

We will then get back to you with a quote and you can decide what to do from there.

Will the Car Wreckers Honour the Quote they Give Me?

Generally, yes, reputable car wreckers in Auckland will always pay you the price they originally quote.

There are some caveats to that, of course. Quotes will have an expiry date, for example, plus the condition of the car is important. If the car is as you describe, there shouldn’t be a problem. If the car wreckers discovers when picking up the car that it is in a worse condition than originally thought, is a different model, or has key parts missing, it may need to adjust the quote.


The best way to avoid this is to provide the car wreckers with as much information about the car as possible when you request a quote. This will ensure the price you get is as accurate as possible.

How Do Car Wreckers Calculate How Much They Will Pay Me?

Car wreckers in Auckland use a range of factors to decide how much an unwanted car is worth. This includes the level of demand for used parts for your car’s make and model.

The number of saleable parts the wreckers can recover from the car is also important, as is the value of the car’s scrap metal.

When Will I Get Paid?

You should get paid when the car wreckers comes to collect your car. All reputable wreckers in Auckland operate this way, so don’t let a wreckers take away your car on the promise of a payment sometime in the future.

How Will I Get Paid?

Again, the best car wreckers in Auckland, including Delta Car Wreckers, pay in cash. This is the simplest option for you and allows you to use the money straight away.

What Should I Do If the Car Wreckers Wants to Delay Payment or Pay Me a Different Way?

The above two points are important as they are often the points the separate reputable car wreckers from the cowboy operators that exist.


Our advice as one of the most experienced and well-known car wreckers in the region is to only use car wreckers who pay in cash when collecting your unwanted car. There should be no surprises when it comes to getting paid.

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