How Much Do Wreckers in Auckland Pay for Cars?

Selling your old, unwanted, or broken car to a wreckers is a much better option than leaving it sitting in your driveway taking up space. It’s also usually a better option than getting the car repaired, particularly if the repair is going to cost as much as the car is worth. How much do wreckers in Auckland pay for cars, though?

This is not an easy question to give a general answer to as there are many things that can influence the price car wreckers will pay for a car. We pay up to $15,000 for vehicles, but we also buy vehicles for a hundred bucks too. So, it depends.

To give you a better understanding of the process used when deciding the value of a car, here are the things that reputable car wreckers in Auckland will consider.

How Car Wreckers Value Cars

The starting point for working out a valuation for a car can vary. It can include:


The market value of a used car in good working condition that is the same make, model, and year
The value of the vehicle’s scrap metal, particularly for vehicles where there are limited salvageable parts or limited resale potential or value on those parts
The popularity of the vehicle and the demand for used parts. The current market price of used parts for your make, model, and year of vehicle can also be important.
The number of used parts that can be salvaged from the vehicle to be sold as used parts. For example, a car that has a lot of rust or one that has been seriously damaged in an accident may be worth less than a vehicle without the same level of damage as more parts can be salvaged.
These are all just starting points, however. Other factors that car wreckers may consider when deciding a price for your car includes the condition of the car and the current market price of scrap metal. Certain car dismantlers may also factor in your location, reducing the price they are willing to pay the further away you are from their base.

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Getting a Quote

The best way to get the value of your car is to get quotes from car wreckers. This is a simple process as you can usually do it by completing an online form. The wrecker will then get back to you with a quote.

On our quote request form at Delta Car Wreckers, we ask you for the vehicle make, vehicle model, and details of the vehicle. The more information you give, the more accurate the quote will be.

There are a few things to remember when getting a quote from a car wreckers for your car:

  • Always deal with a well-known and established car wrecker. There are lots of cowboys out there, so make sure the wreckers you choose is the real deal.
  • Beware of quotes that are too good to be true. In these circumstances, the wrecker might try to pay less when collecting the car, claiming it is not in as good a condition as you told them.
  • Never pay to get a quote. Reputable car wreckers will give you a quote for free.

So, stop wondering how much your car is worth and get a firm quote – complete our quote request form today.


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