9 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling a Car to a Wreckers in Auckland

Selling your unwanted, damaged, or broken-down car to a car wreckers in Auckland is often the easiest and most cost-effective way of dealing with it. That said, it’s easy to make mistakes during the process that could result in you getting less money overall.

The process could also take longer if you make one of the mistakes on this list, plus your unwanted car could be disposed of in a way that doesn’t meet the standards you expect.

Common Mistakes When Selling a Car to a Wreckers

1. Only Getting One Quote

There is no way you can know you are getting the best price for your unwanted vehicle when you only get one quote. Remember, when you deal with a reputable car wreckers, the process of getting a quote is easy and there is no obligation. Therefore, you should get more than one so you can make a comparison.

2. Paying to Get the Car Removed

You should never pay to get your unwanted car removed. All high-quality car wreckers – including us at Delta Car Wreckers – will remove your vehicle for free.

3. Forgetting to Check the Car for Valuables and Personal Items

Once the car wreckers collects your vehicle, it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to go back to it to retrieve something you have forgotten. So, make sure you thoroughly check the vehicle before the wreckers’ truck arrives.

4. Delaying Making a Decision

The longer you leave a decision to sell your car to a wreckers, the less you are likely to get. You shouldn’t rush, of course, but you should take action as soon as you have done your research and are happy that selling to a wreckers is the best course of action.

5. Selling the Car to a Wreckers that Doesn’t Have a Robust Environmental Policy

Your unwanted car contains a lot of materials that can cause damage to the environment. Therefore, it’s crucial you choose a car wreckers who takes their environmental responsibilities seriously and who will dispose of your car in an eco-friendly way.

6. Not Checking the Reputation of the Car Wreckers

Not all car wreckers are the same. To make sure you have the best experience and get the best price, make sure you check the reputation of the company before you decide to sell your car to it.

7. Trying to Fix a Car When Experts Say the Cost of Repair is More than the Value of the Car

It is almost always better to sell a car to a wreckers when the cost of repairing it is more than the value of the car. As per the old saying, you’ll end up throwing good money after bad by persisting with attempted repairs.

8. Trying to Fix a Car When You Don’t Know Everything That is Wrong with It

Unless you know everything that is wrong with your car, you could end up repairing one thing after another. This is particularly important when you have a crash damaged car.

9. Accepting Non-Cash Payments

Finally, a reputable car wreckers will always give you the option of getting paid in cash.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Before you sell your car to a wreckers in Auckland, familiarise yourself with the above common mistakes to ensure you don’t make them.

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