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The Importance of Using an Eco-Friendly Car Wreckers

There are lots of materials in your car that could cause damage to the environment if they are not dealt with properly. This includes fluids, fuels, electrical components, metals, plastics, and more.

Therefore, it’s crucially important you sell your unwanted, damaged, or unusable car to an eco-friendly car wreckers.

This sounds straightforward but, unfortunately, it’s not. This is because there are many car wreckers in Auckland who will dispose of your unwanted vehicle in a way that has little regard for the environment.

Instead, they do everything possible to maximise the money they can make from your car’s parts and scrap metal. For the sake of our natural environment in New Zealand, and for the environment worldwide, this is not sustainable.

What Makes a Car Wreckers Eco-Friendly?

Having an environmentally-friendly approach to running a business is an important part of running an eco-friendly car wreckers. This includes everything from operating a well-maintained and modern fleet of trucks for collecting vehicles from customers, to optimising routes to minimise mileage.

Dismantling and dealing with the various parts and materials in your car is also important. These materials fall into several categories whenever a car wreckers in Auckland takes an eco-friendly approach:

Resaleable parts that are removed so they can be recycled into another vehicle Metal that is crushed and sold as scrap metal to a metal recycling plant Tyres that are recycled to specialist companies who turn them into new products Plastics that can be recycled at an appropriate recycling facility The above will account for the vast majority of materials that make up your vehicle. It doesn’t account for everything, however, as there are some things that cannot be recycled. This applies to all types of car, even those that are the most modern and most environmentally friendly.

What Happens with Materials that Can’t Be Recycled?

Whether you are an eco-friendly car wreckers or not, you will need to dispose of the materials in a car that cannot be recycled. That’s where the similarities between eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly car wreckers end, however.

This is because a car wreckers who doesn’t care about the environment will dispose of non-recyclable materials in the cheapest and fastest way possible.

At an eco-friendly wreckers like Delta Car Wreckers, however, a different approach is taken. This involves following all regulations and industry guidelines as well as researching and getting advice on the least damaging way of disposing of non-recyclable materials.

It costs us more, but at Delta Car Wreckers, we are willing to pay these costs as part of our commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.

Make Sure You Choose a Car Wreckers Who Is Eco-Friendly

It can be tempting when getting rid of your car to go for the first option you find. You should, however, spend a bit of time checking the reputation of the car wreckers and whether or not they have eco-friendly policies. You should only sell your car to those of us that do.

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